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Sacyr Eco-Rubber boasts one of the largest used tire recycling plants in Spain and employs environmentally-friendly processes.
Valoriza Servicios Medioambientales’s plant is responsible for the integrated management of end-of-life tires from the moment they are delivered to the plant until they are fully recycled and the resulting products are shipped. One hundred percent of the tire’s components are reused.
The Valoriza Servicios Medioambientales group forms part of Grupo Sacyr S.A., offering it international reach and an extensive track record in the waste treatment sector.

Treatment of ELTs

End-of-life tires (ELTs) are received by the Chiloeches authorized processing center from both the End-to-end Management Scheme (Signus Ecovalor) and from private partners. 
The tires are then classified by size. The purpose of this classification is to determine how each product will be treated: grinding or granulating. 
GRINDING: The facility has three primary grinding lines. In this process, the ELTs are ground to produce granule sizes of between 50x50mm and 150x150mm.
GRANULATING: The facility has one granulating lines. In this process the ground material is granulated and crumbed to produce particles of between 0 and 8mm. During this phase, the three tire components: steel, rubber and textile, are separated. Once the material has been granulated, it is then sifted to obtain various products: